September 25, 2012

That’s a word you don’t see often.  It means the act of being kind or gentle – of being benign.  Mary Baker Eddy says, “The benign thought of Jesus, finding utterance in such words as ‘Take no thought for your life,’ would heal the sick, and so enable them to rise above the supposed necessity for physical thought-taking and doctoring;”  (see Science and Health page 365)  Imagine that.  A kind thought can heal the sick!  Not only that, but it can lift one above even worrying about sickness.

Jesus was more than kind however.  He was also clear.  The Bible says that “with authority commandeth he even the unclean spirits, and they do obey him.” (see Mark 1:27)  That authority was the Christ and it defeated the malignancy of disease, as well as of hypocrisy and deceit.  It enabled Jesus to withstand the crucifixion and make the hearts of his disciples burn with hope.

Jesus’ teachings are still valid today, and their benignity is an ever present force for good.  Striving to be harmless doesn’t make one a pansy – it actually becomes an armor against harm.  It’s not about placating either.  It’s simply about knowing the real truth – the Christ Truth – behind every lie.

Go ahead.  Practice some benignity.  And see if it doesn’t bring a little more light into the world.

Melissa Hayden is a Christian Science practitioner in Salem, OR. You can find more information and additional articles at this link.  If you like what you’re reading, click the “add me” button.

4 Responses to “Benignity”

  1. Colin Says:

    Practicing benignity has power because it is not just imitating God, it is letting God be expressed.

  2. Pat Collins Says:

    This article is so true, so clear and so timely. Let kindness replace defensiveness and “self righteousness”!!! Thanks for writing this.

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