Does God Have Feelings?

October 23, 2012

Certainly not in the way you and I think about them.  For example, God can’t get His feelings hurt!  Instead, He is the only source of all right feelings like joy and delight.  So, does that mean there are wrong feelings?  Let me answer that this way.  Ask yourself, does God feel grumpy?  What about resentment?  Or disgust?  Sorrow?

If we define God as Spirit and good, then we have to agree that what He expresses must match: it must be spiritual and good.  Human emotions and feelings often don’t measure up to that standard.  Does that make them wrong?  No, it just makes them unreal!  What?  To clarify: God is good and expresses only good.  His creation including you and me must be like Him, for the Bible says that He made men and women in His image and likeness, and they were (and still are) good.  (see the first chapter of Genesis)

What that means then is that we can improve our emotional output – our feelings – by striving to better understand what God is expressing.  We can turn sorrow into joy.  We can lift anger into peace.  We can transform resentment into contentment.  All by rethinking what’s really going on.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not suggesting that we intellectualize emotions in order to disconnect them.  That’s not an improvement.  What I am saying is that we have a right to a natural happiness and harmony by trusting the expression of our feelings to the One who made them: God Himself.

It definitely takes practice to recognize when we’re justifying our own view of “I have a right to feel this way.”  Gently shifting thought to ask “Father, what do You know here and how should I feel about it?” helps us to step back just a little and gain a new perspective, one that can help find a more permanent peace, naturally.  And isn’t that really what God has in mind anyway?

Melissa Hayden is a Christian Science practitioner in Salem, OR. You can find more information and additional articles at this link.  If you like what you’re reading, click the “add me” button.

2 Responses to “Does God Have Feelings?”

  1. Colin Says:

    Thinking about what feelings God has can also help expand on what are the true spiritual qualities of a feeling. I was thinking about patience. Does God feel patience? Not if you think of patience as tolerating something unpleasant or waiting for something that is delayed. How could God know evil or lack? But, if you think of patience as confidence that God is always in action unfolding His perfect plan, then you can say that God is patient.

    • godcanhealit Says:

      Thank you Colin, that’s great. Mrs. Eddy said too, that God yearns, not because He’s missing anything but because His love is so great. So you’re right that we can lift the human sense of feelings and gain the spiritual, the infinite.

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