The Power of Two

June 27, 2013

I could just have easily said “the power of four,” or “the power of nine.”  That’s because this particular post is not about quantity but quality – specifically, the quality of ever presence.

Have you ever doubted that two would be there when you needed it?  When you sat down to balance your checkbook, did you wonder if you could only go so far because there might not be an available two?  Of course not.  Everybody knows that numbers are not things but thoughts, concepts.  And no matter what you’re doing, or where you’re doing it, or who you’re doing it with, every number is available all the time.  No questions asked.  And what’s more, the processes by which numbers are made use of mathematically are also always available.  Just because you don’t know how to do trigonometry doesn’t mean those rules for doing it are not present or valid.

Do you have to feel the presence of two before you can take advantage of it?  Does not feeling two limit your day?  Again, of course not!  Two just is.  At all times and under all circumstances.  It’s never not quite two.  It’s always dependably, consistently two.  And we expect it to remain so for eternity.

So, all of this is pretty rudimental.  But I wanted to start with something that we all can agree on, and then correlate it to something that seems harder to grasp.

That would be Love: divine Love, another name for God.

Every one of the facts concerning two listed above also applies to Love: always available, always the same, always active, no matter what.  And just like you don’t have to “feel” two in order to effectively make use of it, neither do you need to feel God’s love in order to be assured that it is indeed present and operational.

Why is it then, that not feeling divine Love seems so demoralizing?  The Apostle Paul explained it this way: “the carnal mind is enmity against God.”  (Rom 8:7)  In other words, the tendency of the carnal or fleshly, human mind is to be convinced that God is distant, or worse, missing.  And to the extent that we agree with that terrible false premise, does our life, health, and happiness suffer.  Would could be more disheartening than believing that infinite Love doesn’t actually exist?

However, just like two is always two-ing, Love is always loving.  Just like two is always available no matter how complex the problem, nor how many need to use it at any given time, divine Love is also universally and impartially available, ever acting, ever helping, ever loving – you, me, all.

The bottom line is, don’t trust your human sense of where and what God is.  Trust the spiritual facts as explained in the Bible and as especially lived by Jesus.  His entire career and ministry successfully exemplified the ever present, ever saving, ever loving power of God as Love.

So remember: if two is not missing, neither is Love.  Let yourself be twoed!  I mean loved.

Melissa Hayden is a Christian Science practitioner in Salem, OR. You can find more information and additional articles at this link.  If you like what you’re reading, click the “add me” button.

6 Responses to “The Power of Two”

  1. Amy Duncan Says:

    Love this, especially: “And just like you don’t have to ‘feel’ two in order to effectively make use of it, neither do you need to feel God’s love in order to be assured that it is indeed present and operational.” That’s so important! There’s a tendency to think if we don’t “fee” it, it’s not there!

  2. Pat Collins Says:

    I love this… How Much do I love it? Well, I like it two times two times two time two times two… and on and on!! Plenty of twos.. plenty of love. Thanks for that CLEAR description of the infinite availability of Love. Also, it is so wonderful to know that two is still two in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, in space, on the moon, in the far reaches of the universe… TWO IS!!!! Just as Love IS.. and Life IS! Sincere Thanks, Melissa. So helpful.

  3. Rafikka Says:

    I love the way you explain the practicality. No rocket science required :-) Just Love. Thanks Melissa.

  4. godcanhealit Says:

    Thanks Rafikka! Glad it’s simple!

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