What supersedes omnipotence?

August 29, 2013

Okay, so that’s a trick question, for to be omnipotent means there is no competition of any kind in any direction.  It’s a Latin compound word: omni meaning all and potens meaning power.  It is most often attributed (and rightly so) to God.

So the real question is: in theory what supersedes omnipotence?  In other words, where are we living our lives as if there is a power greater than God?  And the deeper question is: when bad things happen that appear to be out of our control are we attributing them to God?

Sounds like we need a better, clearer, higher view of God – the God Jesus knew, preached, and proved!

The Bible makes it plain that God makes only good (see Gen 1:31 for example).  And that His gift of good and expression of good is unchanging (see James 1:17).  And that He works only good in us (see Phil 2:13).  Therefore, following this scriptural line of reasoning, good must be omnipotent.

How would your life be different if you really accepted and expected that to be true?  How would you have to change – improve – your view of reality to accommodate this truer definition of God, of omnipotence?

You can’t have it both ways.  You can’t attribute all power to God, to good, and still give any kind of potency to anything else.

Let your faith be deepened, let your understanding be broadened, let your consecration be expanded to include this more biblically accurate concept of God and His creation.  Doing so, you will find a greater measure of peace, health, and longevity.

Divine omnipotence leaves nothing up to chance, but governs every detail with the most thorough good, the most loving good, the most permanent good possible.

Nothing supersedes Omnipotence.

Melissa Hayden is a Christian Science practitioner in Salem, OR. You can find more information and additional articles at this link.  If you like what you’re reading, click the “add me” button.

8 Responses to “What supersedes omnipotence?”

  1. Rafikka Says:

    This speaks to the serving of “two masters.” When I am reminded that this violates the 1st Commandment, it puts me back in my place. Thank you, Melissa.

  2. Ginny Says:

    Very specific, very clear, very true – Omnipotently clear and true.
    Many thanks. The couple I met and talked with at the pool today will love this !!!

  3. I love where this places the responsiblity back on us individually to see our own thinking in relation to what we say. I find I often say something…quickly without thought, but ts impression is left. Like : God is omnipotent and omniscient ” then feel myself fall linto fear about something, or doubt. NO! I cannot have it both ways…. that is right. God is indeed in control all the time, not just some of the time You have. Wonderful truths you have written here. Thank you!

  4. Laurel Burrowes Says:

    This is pleasantly radical, not unpleasantly complacent. I love it. We all can live the higher standard, the natural standard.

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