Always enough – and then some.

August 7, 2014

All four of the Bible’s Gospels tell the story of Jesus feeding the multitude.  It’s an amazing story, one which continues to inspire, even today.  The lesson it teaches of absolute faith in God’s provision, as well as gratitude in advance of that provision, is one well worth learning.  And it’s applicable to more than simply having enough to eat.

For just a moment though, I’m changing the details of the story to make a point.  Consider with me this scenario: Jesus and his disciples are on their way to present the Sermon on the Mount.  Realizing it will probably be an all-day-thing, Jesus asks the guys to scrounge up some lunch.  One of them finds a boy who is willing to contribute his five barley loves and two small fishes.  So Jesus, realizing that it won’t be enough to feed them all, let alone the crowd, asks what they think should be done.  The disciples come up with the idea of a lottery.  They’ll position themselves equidistant around the Mount giving numbered tickets to all those gathering to hear Jesus speak.  Every so often Jesus will draw a number out of a hat and the winner will get a loaf or a fish.  Naturally, everyone will stick around until the very end, hoping to gain a prize.

Aren’t you glad that worldly approach didn’t win out?

Nothing Jesus did was left to chance.  No part of his loving care or his healing ministry or his clear understanding of God’s infinite provision was according to limited human standards.  He knew that there was enough good to go around, just like the loaves and fishes.  And just as he didn’t accomplish feeding the multitudes through guesswork, neither did he heal through conjecture.  Jesus was convinced of his Father’s capacity and willingness to heal EVERYTHING.  And so he proved!

We can learn something from watching how Jesus practiced Christianity.  Just as he was sure of the overflowing presence of good – enough to meet every need, regardless of what the need was – we today can count on that same Christianity to provide for us.  The saving Christ is not stuck in some distant time or place, but is active here and now; “to all mankind and in every hour” as Mary Baker Eddy explains it. (Science and Health p. 494)  And the laws of God that were operating then are still in operation today, because God hasn’t changed: nor has His love for you and me and all.

There is no longer any need to imagine that good is dwindling, or harmony is missing, or health is in decline.  Instead, remember Jesus’ own example and his expectation that we repeat it.  There is always enough – and then some.

Melissa Hayden is a Christian Science practitioner in Salem, OR. You can find more information and additional articles at this link.  If you like what you’re reading, click the “add me” button.

4 Responses to “Always enough – and then some.”

  1. Merri Says:

    I love your message here!It reminds me of my grandmother, in Chicago in the fifties…always singing in the hard railroad days grandpa had,:” I have a great sufficiency of all I fancy for.”…and they gave away bags of food each pay period to all the brothers there who were out of work too. Still their cup runneth over!! Thanks for reminding me of that loving time… Blessings, Merri

  2. Pat Collins Says:

    I love the comparison to the “Lottery”. Good lesson and I thank you!!

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